Sustainable Agriculture

For over fifteen years we've helped hotels, villas, homeowners, and farmers in Jamaica change their relationship to the earth. We design and build on-site organic gardens, change food and beverage menus to reflect the new homegrown produce, and create delightful and exciting guest experiences around the garden.


Creative Direction

Whether it's designing a space, envisioning and launching an idea/concept, the creative side of things is always the most dynamic, the most fun, the realest.

Creative Service

Along with time spent as a creative director and designer, Liz Solms has lived and worked in the Caribbean for over a decade. Liz blends her creative side into her agricultural work. She has completed successful projects at private coastal villas, high-end hotels, coffee farms, and fruit plantations. Liz has worked for NGO’s that focus on sustainable agriculture, establishing one of the first organic farming cooperatives in the West Indies, in addition to establishing the Caribbean’s first farm-to-table dinner series. Her latest project outside of Banana Tree is spearheading a private/public partnership to test the prevalence of pesticide residue in Jamaica's vegetable produce.